Support is the Star: Top Five Healers on Overwatch!

Support is the Star: Top Five Healers on Overwatch!

In a lot of games, support is the hidden hero. In Overwatch, support is the star. Support skills are the best way to help your team win without having to deal a lot of damage or tank. There are many doctors in Overwatch, and each one has their own special skills. Let’s look at the top 5 healers that will help you get those great wins and improve your game.

Support is the Star: Brigitte: The Healer Who Fights

Brigitte is at the top of our list because she has a unique mix of healing and fighting skills. She is great for players who like to help others by hand because she has a healing pack and a trusty club. Brigitte’s lively healing style lets you get into the action, stop enemies, and keep your team strong.

Support is the Star: Moira: The Shadowy Helper

Moira is next. She is a mystery scientist who can do both damage and healing. With her biotic grasp, she can drain enemies’ life force and heal friends at the same time. Moira is great at both offence and defence, which makes her a flexible choice for players who like their games to have a bit of a dark edge to them.

Support is the Star: Mercy: An angel who helps people heal

The third place on our list goes to Mercy, the battlefield’s guardian angel. With her famous ability to glide to friends who need help, Mercy’s healing beam is always there to help. Her power to revive can change the outcome of a match, which makes her very useful for players who value strategic healing and revives that change the game.

Support is the Star: Baptiste: The Battle Doctor

Baptiste comes in second place because he is good at both fighting and healing. With a grenade weapon and an immortality field at his disposal, Baptiste heals the team over time and makes them strong in dangerous situations. If you want a support hero who can stand their ground in tough fights, pick Baptiste.

Ana: The Saviour Who Shoots Sharply

Ana, the sharpshooting hero of Overwatch, has won first place. Ana is very flexible on the battlefield because she has a biotic rifle that can heal friends and hurt enemies. Her sleep dart and nano boost ultimate give her more strategy depth, making her the best choice for players who want to make a big difference in the game.

Support is the Star: Picking the right Overwatch healer is important.

Helping your team stay alive in Overwatch isn’t just about staying alive; it’s also about changing how the game ends. The wide range of healers supports different play styles, so there’s a good match for everyone. Each healer brings something different to the table, whether you like Brigitte’s hands-on style, Moira’s mysterious complexity, Mercy’s guardian angel support, Baptiste’s battle medic style, or Ana’s skill at shooting accurately.

Thought about these top 5 heals before your next Overwatch match. Pick the one that fits your style like SLOT SERVER THAILAND. If you accept the support role, you’ll soon be leading your team to great wins and moments that will stay with them forever. Who do you want to be your healing hero in the next Overwatch battle? You get to choose!