Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola Nail the Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Trophy!

Alright, so the grand finale at Strictly Come Dancing this year? Totally epic! Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola, snagged that crown, and let me tell you, it was a night jam-packed with killer moves, crazy high scores, and loads of glitz and glam. Confetti shower, glitter ball trophy, the whole shebang—it was the perfect wrap-up to a feel-good series.

Ellie Leach’s Awesome Journey

At the start, nobody really saw Ellie Leach, the 22-year-old from Coronation Street, as a top contender. But man, did she blossom! Throughout the season, she grew more confident and turned into this total dynamo on the dance floor. I mean, she killed it in both ballroom and Latin dances. With her skills and storytelling, she’s gotta be headed for the West End, spreading that infectious joy wherever she goes.

Vito Coppola’s Winning Chemistry

Vito Coppola, the fan favorite, took it to the next level this time. Last year’s runner-up with Fleur East, this Italian sensation formed this mind-blowing partnership with Leach. And let’s not forget the rumors about them being more than just dance partners—added a spicy twist to their performances!

Emotional Victory Moments

When Leach dedicated her win to Coppola, saying he was crying more than her, it was just heart-melting. And Coppola’s speech about her shining like a diamond? Cue the “awws”! The judges saw her transformation too, calling her a girl at the start and a woman at the finish.

Record-Breaking Finale Fun

The final drew in a whopping 11 million viewers, making it the dazzling highlight of the 21st series. While other reality shows might be losing steam, Strictly Come Dancing still shines as the ultimate Christmas lead-up spectacle, right alongside advent calendars and those jingly ad campaigns.

Young Guns and Mind-Blowing Performances

This year’s finalists were all in their twenties, making it the youngest final ever. Each of ’em did three routines, including their fave from the series, the judges’ pick, and that highly anticipated showstopper.

Ellie’s Consistent Charm and Fan Love

Even though Leach was always killing it with scores above 35, she somehow ended up at the bottom of the judges’ scoreboard in the final. But hey, the viewers had her back all along, and that’s what sealed the deal. She never even had to face the dreaded dance-off!

Layton Williams’ Power Moves and Viewer Vibe

Williams was on fire, aiming to be the first same-sex couple winner. Perfect scores, ruling the leaderboard—this guy had it all. But in the end, it’s like the audience roots for someone who shows that improvement journey. That might’ve been the thing that tipped the scales.

Bobby Brazier’s Heartfelt Moments

Brazier, the youngest male finalist at 20, poured his heart out with emotional performances, especially that tribute to his late mom, Jade Goody. With near-perfect scores and all that charm, he had the nation rooting for him. But man, this year’s competition was just crazy tough!

Beyond Scores: Real Stories

It wasn’t all about scores and trophies. People like Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Annabel Croft found their groove through dance, showing what Strictly’s really about—positivity, diversity, and just having a blast together.

A Night to Remember

The final night? A mix of memorable moments, from the group dance throwback to appearances by Cher and Olly Alexander spilling the tea on the next Eurovision rep for the UK.

In a Nutshell: Pre-Christmas Cheer

This 21st series of Strictly Come Dancing was more than just a show; it was all about transformation, spirit, and that perfect pre-Christmas boost we all needed. Cheers to that!